Say hello to happy schedules

Schedules shouldn't be so hard

Creating, managing, and communicating schedules is difficult. And stressful. And chaotic.

The current ecosystem

Endless emails, PDFs and messy shared docs that are impossible to keep up-to-date.


Agenda Hero

Automated, collaborative schedules that are easy to share with your group.

We set out to do it differently

To make it easy. And joyful. And happy.

Meet Agenda Hero

Any schedule. Every group.

I am real-time

Schedules change all the time. When a schedule is out-of-date, the schedule is wrong. And if the schedule is wrong, it’s not happening. Changes made in Agenda Hero are real-time so the whole group always has the same plan.

I text your group

Make sure no one misses a date, meeting, practice, or task again. Schedule messages for yourself, your whole group, or specific members in advance so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to remind everyone what they need to do.

I talk with calendars

Some people live in their calendars. This is why schedules made in Agenda Hero can be added to calendars such as Google, Apple, and Outlook. Any changes made to schedules automaically update in calendars, too.

I hide the noise

Calendar feeds provide a continuous flow of schedule information, but they often contain events that aren’t relevant to you, clogging your view with noise. Bring calendar feeds into any schedule and hide irrelevant and duplicate items. Poof -- chaos to calm in seconds.

I collaborate

Agenda Hero is purpose built for groups. Create the schedule together and share it with the whole group. For each schedule you create, you decide who is an editor, viewer, or member.

I am many

Think of Agenda Hero like a doc platform. You can create as many schedules as you’d like. Create one for your family, one for your book club, or carpool, or your marketing team, sports team, your group project, summer plans, a vacation, birthdays, your club, and more.